TND Summit Colombia, a global cryptocurrency conference


TND Summit Colombia, a global cryptocurrency conference, is projected as a meeting summit for leaders, builders, institutions and the crypto community in Colombia. This event, scheduled for September 2024 in Pereira, has as its central objective to illustrate the current state of the blockchain industry in the country, while working to close the gaps between the crypto sphere and local financial institutions. In addition to its focus on technology, the summit is committed to highlighting the rich Colombian culture and art.

The agenda of the TND Summit Colombia will include panels, workshops, conferences, networking sessions, business roundtables, project presentations (pitch), as well as the presentation of awards and recognitions. This inclusive event will attract diverse participants, from sponsors and media partners to speakers, financial institutions, investment funds and active members of the crypto community.

The official announcement of the TND Summit Colombia took place on November 27, which means that, as you read this article, you are likely to be among the first allies to be confirmed for this pioneering summit.

In its first edition, TND Summit Colombia is emerging as a unique meeting, connection and learning space for the global crypto community. Hosted by Thousand, an entity committed to the evolution of decentralized finance, interested parties can learn more by visiting the official website and joining its community.