TND Summit Colombia.

A global meeting on blockchain, cryptocurrencies and entrepreneurship that brings together leaders, businessmen, entrepreneurs, institutions and individuals in a single space to learn, establish connections and foster collaboration.

September 17 - 19 | 2024 | Pereira.

¡tickets available!


Access to the summit on September 17 to 19

Access to panels and conferences

Access to the stands



Access to the summit on September 17 to 19

Access to panels and conferences

Access to the stands

Networking & workshops

Access to the awards gala (day 3)

Access to entertainment area (live music, drinks, snacks, urban art samples)

Access to the inauguration


¿why join?

Crypto Summit in Colombia: Where the Ecosystem Unifies.

We attract diverse attendees: private investors, funds, exchanges, service providers, influencers, government representatives, blockchain developers, global speakers, institutions, prominent companies, the community and key industry players, all gathered in one place.

Enjoy Colombian cultural and artistic interventions, immerse yourself in technology and innovation.

This summit offers a comprehensive experience that fuses the best of Colombian culture, technology and learning, all in a vibrant setting.

activities and topics to be discussed

  • Panel and conference

  • Networking

  • Businesss conference

  • Pitch startups

  • Venture capital

  • DeFi

  • Tokenization

  • cybersecurity

  • Interviews

  • Awards

  • adoption

  • use cases

  • Fundraising

  • Regulation

  • Decentralization

  • Women in web3

  • Blockchain development workshops

  • Ethereum

  • Mining

  • Investment in web3 & NFTs

  • Bitcoin

  • Trading

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Cultural and artistic interventions

  • Trader battles

In its first edition, the TND Summit Colombia not only aims to bring together industry leaders, but also to close the gaps between the crypto world and financial and government institutions.

We seek to offer an updated overview of the industry in Colombia, while highlighting Colombian art and culture. This event is designed to be a comprehensive platform that not only promotes discussion and collaboration in the crypto space, but also celebrates the cultural richness of Colombia.

media partners

VC's allies

allied communities

We will continue to update the list of speakers as we confirm their participation, as well as the agenda with exhibition dates and times.


Jhonatan bueno

Founder and CEO Thousand.

Santiago Gomez

Co-founder and CTO Thousand.

Denys Lothbrok

Trading / Investments / BTC

Vaibhav ali

Co-founder Cryptoniteuae.


Founder GH community building DAO

Macarena liu

Partner - Driven vc


Founder - MKT Community & ambassador in Peru.

Gustavo trujillo

CEO - PulExpres


CEO - Thorplay.

Ana isabel

Crypto artista ''ANANA''


CM - Soy Hodler.

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TND Summit Colombia is an event carefully organized by Thousand, supported by the sponsorship of its allies, designed for the community.